Run Baby Run

Sorry, everyone. I know it’s been ages, but I’ve been very busy in the last three weeks or so. First of all, I have been working shifts at unsociable hours which have left me tired-eyed and sleep-deprived. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job, and shifts can be useful if you have stuff to do during the day, normally. But when you struggle to get to sleep at night and then you’re up before the sun rises, believe me, you do feel the exhaustion.

Another reason why I have been somewhat absent from your dearest minds (but surely not hearts), is that I did a little stint in Lisbon, taking pictures, visiting castles (or the outside of) going to the beach (jealous yet?) and window shopping. Fear not, I am already planning two different posts about it.

Last but not least, the final reason why my blog has been quite quiet of late is because I have been training for my 5K Big Fun Run which will take place in Victoria Park on 2 October. Oh yes I have! I have been eating very healthily – excluding of course my birthday weekend! I have also been running fairly regularly and currently can run for half an hour non-stop, non-walk in Hackney Downs.

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Despite being tiny, Hackney Downs is a great park to train in, as it has flat parts and steep uphills and downhills. Some of its corners are nice and cool as they remain in the shade most of the time because of big trees whereas other parts are very open and generally sunny (if and when the British weather graces us). It is just around the corner from my little flat and, apart from the occasional crack-indulging happy neighbour smoking away on the bench, it’s perfect. Mind you, I haven’t done 5 full kilometres yet, but last year I didn’t even train at all and managed to run it all because the people and general buzz were great and very encouraging, so I trust I shouldn’t have any major problem this year (touching wood).

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The charity I’m running for is Children with Cancer. I chose it because many years ago my family lost a child to Leukaemia so I decided I’d help as much as I can for other families, now and in the future, not having to experience the same loss. I would be very grateful if you decided to support me in this rather challenging(!) undertake, I’m sure everyone realises how important this cause is. My fundraising page is, make sure you select the page on the left as the one on the right was last year’s. Thank you.

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I shall be back soon with new posts!

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