Online Retail Done Properly

More often than not, I am admittedly too quick to complain if something is not right with a service or a shop, so it’s only fair to praise a company if they do something well. So this is a quick post to let you know of a great service I received online about a fortnight ago. I promise you I was not paid or sponsored to do this, I just thought it was only fair.

I was browsing on to find a bag that I could use for my gym clothes. Until last week I was using a blue, “sporty” rucksack, i.e.,  a most unattractive piece of dorkness. Thankfully, the zip finally broke and I needed to find a better way to pack my sporty gear. So I was roaming freely on the website when suddenly I noticed a pop-up widget at the bottom right-hand corner of the page that said “Chat to a Personal Stylist”. I wondered whether they were going to try and sell me anything or if they would be getting my style or listen to my needs, so I thought I’d give that a try.

My chat with ASOS Stylist Chloe M

My chat with ASOS Stylist Chloe M

I was not disappointed! The girl at the other end of the ether was called Chloe M. She asked me what I was looking for and what my budget was. I said I wasn’t sure whether I was planning to invest into a good-quality piece or if I was after something cheap and cheerful. She talked me through my options and spent about 20 minutes looking for what could be suitable and in the end, as there was currently nothing suitable on the ASOS website, she didn’t try to push me into buying anything, which was much appreciated, and told me when they were likely to receive new stock I might be interested in.

Although it is true that I did not end up buying anything from the website this time, her attitude was the right one and didn’t force me into purchasing something I didn’t need, so I will definitely go back to see if anything else more suitable has arrived, and I’ll also be looking to use the stylist advisor service again. I believe this is still the beta version of this online service, but hopefully they’ll see how good it is and make it a staple.

On a slightly different note, I ordered a pair of sling-back shoes from ASOS a few days before this episode and unfortunately the sling back on the left shoe was slightly loose. I contacted their customer service Twitter page and in the space of an hour they apologised and had already put in the post a new pair! I couldn’t recommend this website enough. Way to go, ASOS!

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