I’e recently started creating sets on Polyvore, and I love it. Please bear with me while I learn how to add text and various other effects, this is only my third one so far. I shall be posting the first and second sets later this week. I hope you all enjoy it.

This Is a True Story

Have you ever had one of those mornings when your perfectly planned agenda goes hideously wrong?

For years I have been marvelling at how hairdressers can create the wavy look with hair straighteners, and I tried and tried on many occasions to recreate that, but with no avail. Then recently, on a Saturday afternoon, I just decided to randomly pick up my ghd and try it and magically it worked! How proud I was. I felt confident. I finally got it, I was on a roll, nothing could stop me now.

The look I was trying to achieve... ( Source:

The look I was trying to achieve… ( Source:

So on a recent morning my alarm went off 40 minutes early, and I started to curl my hair at 9:35. I was due in at 11, so I thought I gave myself plenty of time to do my hair and do my eye liner before leaving the house at 10:20 and finishing my make up on the tube, in order to get to work with no rush. By 10:19, only the bottom half of my head was done, and it looked like sh*t on a stick. So in the next couple of last, panicked minutes at home I had to straighten out all the lame curls I had taken ages to do, and rush out of the house without doing my eye liner.

... and the look I ended up having, but only on the bottom half of my head (Source:

… and the look I ended up having, but only on the bottom half of my head (Source:

I don’t think I’ll try again, the good instance a couple of weeks ago must have been a one-off, never to be repeated again. A bout of luck.

You Can’t Wear White Shoes after Labor Day

Last week my friend Sara asked me if we could write a humorous post together where she would ask me a few questions about the latest trends and a couple of beauty doubts. I couldn’t say no! Check it out:

I saw Cady Heron wearing army pants and flip flops, so I bought army pants and flip flops.

Make sure you watch the Serial Mom clip.


An Evening with Marie Claire

Through my full time job at PR Newswire, last week I was fortunate enough to be able to attend a brilliant event, called Meet the Media, where Trish Halpin and Justine Southall – Ed-in-Chief and Publishing Director at Marie Claire, respectively – held a very interesting presentation.


The venue was spectacular – we sat in the ballroom of the wondrous 8 Northumberland Avenue, a 17th-century building which made me feel like I’d stepped back in time and was supposed to be wearing big puffy sleeves and a tight corset.

Marie Claire 003

The presentation was shared between Trish and Justine, and they started off by giving a sense of who their reader is and an overview of the brand, consequently moving to suggestions for PR representatives on how and who to reach at Marie Claire.

Marie Claire, which celebrates its 25th birthday this year, reaches 2.2 million women every month through their 16 platforms, and most of these readers tend to be successful, well-educated, assertive career women who are often the chief income earners. This kind of reader crucially identifies with, and self-expresses through, their interest in fashion and beauty.


Despite Marie Claire being such a huge brand, which includes a website, a mobile site, and Marie Claire Runway magazine and app just to name a few, their magazine is still at the core. And indeed, they are doing very well: out of the many stat sheets they showed us during their presentation, the one that captured my attention the most was their ABC performance for 2012 – the only one to outperform the market. I asked Trish why she thinks they are doing so well compared to all the other magazines and her answer was two-fold: partly, she answered, it was because they offer something unique: a combination of thought-provoking features and a huge volume of high-quality fashion and beauty content; but also, they felt that, for the asking price of £3.70, they needed to offer more, and last year decided to invest money despite the recession in order to make the book size bigger and improve the production.


With 1.4 million unique users, their website is also very impressive. Which begs the question: do they see that one day their online predominance could supersede their printed one? Justine answered by stating that she thinks there will always be a place for beautiful glossy print material in a luxury context. She did note that, as I mentioned in this post I wrote in November 2011, most online shops now are printing magazines, but she thinks this may be because the role of printed material is now changing and it is really exciting to see how it will develop.

Marie Claire 007

Among Trish’s suggestions for PR agencies, the main ones were:

  • don’t cold call,
  • know what kind of product the magazine might go for, and
  • never underestimate the power of cake!

Think I’m on board with that one.

I loved how at Marie Claire they make a stand trying not to have many advertorials, as they are very keen to keep their brand integrity very clean. Trish also explained how they decide the themes issue by issue, around three months in advance, basing themselves firstly on the season and the various collections seen at fashion shows, and then moving from there.

I greatly enjoyed the whole event and even managed to have a little chit chat with Justine and Trish, it was a great thrill to be taught something new by such strong career women who have made it so successfully in the field I’d like to develop in.

Festive Beauty Tips*

With Christmas and New Year’s just around the corner, the winter festive season is fast approaching. Here are my top tips to stay looking gorgeous and dazzle whether you are attending a Christmas party or just going out for drinks with friends.


Keep up with your skincare routine: wash and moisturise twice a day and do not forget the number one golden rule… Never sleep with your makeup on. I’m sure we have all been guilty of this beauty crime at some point but try to avoid it as it will do the skin no favours.

Flawless Base

To achieve a nice, bold look with this season’s colours, ensure that you a have a flawless base, as this will help draw attention to your eyes and lips. You can do this by using a foundation brush to apply foundation evenly across the face > Use your finger to apply some concealer under the eye. I would advise you use a concealer one or two shades lighter than your complexion to help hide dark circles > Once that is done, finish your base off with a sheer to loose powder for an effortless matte finish.







Dazzling Eyes

It’s the season for glitz and glamour so let your eyes do the talking when you step into that party. The easiest way to create dazzling eyes is to simply swap the black pencil bottom eyeliner for under eye shadows and coloured/glitter eye pencils. I would recommend trying some from Barry M. Barry M have a great range of metallic colours which are perfect for this season. If you prefer to use eye shadows Sleek also have a variety of different eye shadow palettes to choose from. For the eyelid try using a berry-coloured eye shadow with a hint of gold in the corner of the eye. And to finish use an ink (or pencil) eyeliner across you lash line for a perfect finish.





Statement Lips

Say goodbye to the sensible nudes and flirty pinks we were wearing during spring and summer, it’s time to go for the sexy vampy lip. Simply go for a purple colour or a deep red. For a purple lip I suggest M.A.C Rebel lipstick and for the classic red lip try out M.A.C Ruby Woo as it’s very bold, rich with a matte finish. I think every make up-loving girl should have these two in their collection. You can also get the same shades for a cheaper price at Topshop or Rimmel.

Source: M•A•C

Source: M•A•C

Source: M•A•C

Source: M•A•C





Maintain the Look

My No.1 top tip to for maintaining your party makeup is to use a setting spray. I would recommend the All Nighter – Urban Decay setting spray. It’s weightless, seals in and sets makeup for up to 16hrs. It’s perfect for a night out as it minimises sweat. You can get this spray from Debenhams for £19. You wouldn’t want to spend half of your night touching up your makeup when you should be on the dance floor.



*This article was written by the make up connoisseur and cosmetics fanatic Mariam Miiro. She is my go-to guru when it’s about eye-shadow palettes and all things beauty. Be sure to check out her new blog Sansha Gloss!

Gareth Pugh’s New Make Up Range for M•A•C

After two years of hard work, Gareth Pugh, the UK’s most unconventional and edgy designer, has teamed up with the international cosmetics brand M•A•C to launch a beautiful new range of chic and unexpectedly beautiful makeup. Pugh has forged a reputation for awe-inspiring, thoroughly unique and beautifully exquisite pieces, and now he brings his unusual approach to this exciting new collection. Drawing directly from his signature gothic, androgynous and futuristic style, the range includes nail varnishes, graphic false lashes, lipsticks, creamy eyeshadows, beauty powders and a make-up bag. The collection is made of two parts: in an interview with the designer explains: “it’s like the positive and negative elements of a battery. They are total opposites but when combined together they create energy”. He adds therefore that the two opposites are contrasting: “One light and ethereal, based on silver and grey tones and the other is dark blue colours, which has a more powerful message – I really like the idea of exploring the hard side of beauty”.

To celebrate the launch of this highly anticipated new line, which happened on 2 December, an event will take place in the very large venue of Ambika, P3 at the University of Westminster. The date is not yet disclosed to the general public but fans of both M•A•C and Gareth Pugh will be able to enjoy a stylishly subversive evening of bespoke Patron tequila margaritas, gin cocktails and Moscow mules and DJs with sets from Pippa Greenbank, Iwan Halstead, Pippa Brooks, Richard Mortimer and Princess Julia. Guests will also get a glimpse of the Gareth Pugh for M•A•C film, directed by Ruth Hogben.

My favourite product in the range – Gareth Pugh for M•A•C nail lacquer in hyper

Guests confirmed to attend include Gareth Pugh, Mary Charteris, Erin O’Connor, Peaches Geldof, Hannah Marshall, Amy Molyneaux, Percy Parker, Jameela Jamil, Lara Bohinc, Lisa Moorish, Holly Fulton, Bay Garnett, Mark Fast, Louise Gray, Bip Ling, Virginia Bates, Noelle Reno, Fred Butler and Tolula Adeyemi.

Gareth Pugh, who has in the past been compared to the likes of Alexander McQueenJohn Galliano, Vivienne Westwood and Leigh Bowery, is famous for his trademark experimentation with form and volume. Daniel West from Icon Magazine in 2006 said that the designer often uses “nonsensically shaped, wearable sculptures” to “distort […] the human body almost beyond recognition”, and with this new collection Pugh has definitely reinforced his reputation as one of the most avant-garde and creative designers in the UK.

If you are as excited as I am about this wonderful collaboration, you can buy the collection at